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If you recently submitted, thank you!

We’ll keep it simple. If you’ve got something that fits under the dark/weird/horror umbrella, we might like it. If you’re looking for a closer peek under our skirts, we especially like a variety of voices: women, enbys, POC, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, disabled folks, men, extraterrestrials, subterraneans, and minor pagan deities of all stripes. Being fringey misfits ourselves, we encourage anyone who’s found themselves relegated to the margins to submit their work.

The Seventh Terrace is a small press, but we are a traditional publisher, meaning we pay advances and royalties on all acquired manuscripts.

Stuff we’re looking for: Novellas (our sweet spot!) or short-ish novels (upper limit of 60K words).

While we avoid getting prescriptive in our guidelines, if you’re curious about our particular tastes, read on…

Sarah: Literary horror, baby! Send her your voicey, fucked up, character-driven narratives, dripping with between-the-lines dread and you’ll have her eating out of your maw like a baby bird. Think Gemma Files, Stephen Graham Jones, and Yoko Ogawa.

Rob: Weird, dark, and pulpy. Especially fond of cosmic horror with or without Robert W. Chambers or Lovecraftian influences. Think Michael Shea, Fritz Leiber, and Karl Edward Wagner (and more modernly – Hailey Piper, Nathan Ballingrud, Livia Llewellyn, Caitlin R. Kiernan, John Langan, and Laird Barron).

How to submit: Send query with attached manuscript (pdf, word doc, or rtf) to Sarah and Rob at We’re not too fussy, but if you’re not familiar with standard manuscript format, give it a quick google. It’s super easy and makes life better for all of us.

WTF is a query: Calm your tentacles, we gotcha. Just tell us, in brief terms, about you and your book. No need for a complete synopsis (unless you got one burning a hole in your soul).

Response time: We aim to respond within 3 months, and feel free to give us a nudge if you haven’t heard anything after that, we don’t mind.

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