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Suicide Stitch

By Sarah L. Johnson

Love is woven into the fabric of our lives. A force of nature that knits us together even as it tears us apart. Threads of hunger, passion, and pain run through this collection where the last Nephilim fights his gory cravings, a latchkey kid befriends a cage dancer, and a bizarre threat lurks in the shadows of a friendly neighborhood. Siblings turn monstrous and gods are brought to their knees in a dark literary patchwork that will drive you into the knot of your lover’s arms, knowing how easily you could unravel. Suicide Stitch is sexy, transgressive, and intelligent; comprised of eleven tales that explore the sinister side of love.

“If you want a glimpse into the darkness of the everyday, with moments of beauty and horror along the way, Suicide Stitch is well worth picking up.”Josh Black, Cemetery Dance Online

“Sarah L. Johnson is an absolutely stunning talent. Her words strike true, and her stories are dripping with the very stuff that makes us Human.”Axel Howerton, Arthur Ellis Award-nominated author of Hot Sinatra, and Furr

“Johnson’s stories often arouse and frighten in equal measure. A strong female voice has well and truly arrived in the dark fiction genre. Take her hand as she walks you through these eleven tales, but pray she doesn’t let go.”Beavisthebookhead Blog

“Suicide Stitch is a horror collection, and fully embraces the transformative power of horror across genres… The stories are sharp and dangerous and dark, so dark…”Charles Payseur, Nerds of a Feather, Flock Together Blog

“Dark and honest, hauntingly beautiful and sharp, Ms. Johnson’s prose will tear at you. Keep an eye on this lady, I think she will prove herself a force to be reckoned with in literature.” C.W. LaSart, Author of Ad Nauseam

“The ease of Johnson’s style belies the grim subject matter she treats. In this respect, her work is reminiscent of some of Neil Gaiman’s, in which a pleasant surface gives way to substantial darkness, which continues to unfold in the reader’s mind after the story is done. Like Gaiman, Johnson is happy to roam through the highways and byways of mythology, to revisit and reconsider some of the oldest stories in western culture, frequently taking them in new and startling directions. And also like Gaiman, she is willing to allow some enigmas to remain in her fiction. With Suicide Stitch, she has put together a compelling debut.” John Langan for LOCUS Magazine December 2016.

Comet Press has chosen the novella “Little Sister, Little Brother” from Ms. Johnson’s collection to appear in their annual Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Volume 2, 2016.

The Seventh Terrace – Horror Collection – 250 Pages – Cover by TST
[Second Edition 2022 – Originally published in 2016 by EMP Publishing]

Available Here (Universal Link)

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