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Solstice in Purgatory

Solstice in Purgatory – curated by Sarah L. Pratt, Robert Bose & Rebecca Piazza

The Winter Solstice. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s the most wonderful time of year. And it’s full of f*cking monsters. Don’t act like you don’t know. You’ve heard the cracking ice, seen tracks in the snow, smelled the bloody breath, and felt the rumbling Ho-ho-ho deep in your guts. We celebrate because we’re terrified of the dark outside our door.

Winter is an eternity, particularly in Purgatory. So, no matter which Terrace you call home, we invite you to while away the long, frozen nights with this curated collection of short tales from some of the most deliciously demented minds in horror. Some will make you laugh, some will make you shiver, and some…well, let’s just say nothing is sacred here. Enjoy, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll live to see the Equinox.


With cover design and graphics from Aaron Bilawchuk and Rebecca Piazza

Available in Trade Paperback and eBook November 7th, 2023.

Feral Hogs Cover

30 to 50 Feral Hogs by Dayna Ingram with a fabulous cover by the legendary Tom Bagley.

The road to perdition is paved with feral hogs. 

At least, that’s what Parker Eriksen expected when she joined the feral hog hunts of Hekla Lake. She would bury herself in the lonely mountain town, and dole out self-punishment to atone for her disastrous past by bloodying her knuckles against the hides of America’s most dangerous invasive species. Maybe drink herself to death while she was at it, before she had to make any decisions about her future. 

But when an unseasonable snow storm cuts the town off from the world, the feral hogs start fighting back—and they aren’t pulling punches. If she wants to survive, Parker will have to revive the parts of herself she’s entombed, and confront more than a simple be-tusked ecological threat. She’ll need to confront *herself*, and what it means to stop hiding and start fighting.

Available in Trade Paperback and eBook now!

Someone Elses Story

Someone Else’s Story by Laird Ryan States with a fantastic cover by the awesome Janice Blaine.

Following the events of Sleeping Underwater, journalist-with-a-death-wish Tom Bradstreet finds himself irritatingly immortal. Languishing in Edmonton of all places, he drinks, takes in the occasional movie with his disagreeable upstairs neighbor, and drinks some more.

The price of this idyllic life is occasionally taking an assignment from the British intelligence agency that keeps tabs on the supernatural. This time his subject is William S. Frankenstein.

Formerly the famed Frankenstein monster, now a performance artist who seeks, with the assistance of the North Koreans, to punish the world that created him.

Having long made peace with his status as a supporting character in other people’s lives, Tom is alarmed, and not a little annoyed, to be thrust into the spotlight of this particular story.

Available in Trade Paperback and eBook now!

The Seventh Terrace gratefully makes its Earthly home in Calgary-Mohkinstsis, on Treaty 7 territory, and that of Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3. We acknowledge the histories, languages, and cultures of all First Peoples, whose presence continues to enrich our shared tradition of storytelling.