Upcoming Releases

Lots of new releases in the pipe! Look for more information, including cover reveals, as their respective release days approach.

Fall of 2020

End of the Loop by Brent Nichols (Tiny Sledge Hammer)

David isn’t sure why he lives in the Institute. He’s not sure why the doors are locked and guarded. He doesn’t know why he has to take pills that turn his memory to mist.

But one day he doesn’t swallow his pills. On that day, he starts to remember. Once, things were quite different. Once, he went outside. He had friends, a lover, a life.

Once, something bad happened. 

Soon the staff will notice. They’ll make him take his pills, and these precious scraps of memory will fade away. There’s only one way to prevent it. Only one way to find out what’s truly going on.

He must escape.

“A tensely suspenseful reconstruction of a cold case reclaims a life lost to unimaginable tragedy.” ~ J.E. Barnard, author of When the Flood Falls

Starseed by Stephen Guy writing as Dio Cornuto (The Seventh Terrace)

In a world illuminated by gaslight, a wealthy, debauched dandy’s mentor tests the limits of conscience with a series of human-alien hybridization experiments, facilitated by the decryption of a forbidden text now known as the Voynich Manuscript. Not knowing what it is they’ve unleashed, mayhem ensues, with hired killers, Brazilian Wandering Spiders, and shady professionals willing to undertake the performance of any act that one should be ashamed to ask for. There is flesh, and the power that holds. Juices run, blood flows, and ichor oozes. The dandy soon comes to learn that wealth cannot buy love, the past exists for nothing so much as to haunt the present, and as long as there is desire, the Star Flower will procure what it needs to bloom, and spread its seed through the cosmos.

Spring of 2021

Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy by Hailey Piper (The Seventh Terrace)

Terrace VI: Forbidden Fruit by Sarah L. Johnson, Robert Bose and TBA (The Seventh Terrace)


The Walking Son by Eddie Generous (The Seventh Terrace)