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Summer 2023

Someone Else’s Story

Laird Ryan States

Somebody Else’s Story is a novella, and a loose sequel to Sleeping Underwater.  Tom Bradstreet, having survived the events of that novel has found himself ageless and unable to die. Having pursued the thread of a story to Edmonton Canada, he’s taken up residence and lives a life of indulgent drinking and spending time with his few friends.

The price of this peaceful life is occasionally taking an assignment from the British intelligence agency that keeps tabs on the supernatural when his particular skills may be handy.

Tom finds himself at odds with William S. Frankenstein, the famed Frankenstein monster, now a performance artist and aspiring James Bond villain, who seeks, with the assistance of the North Koreans, to punish the world that created him.

Tom spends a lot of this book in a sealed box at sea, starving. Tom, having long made peace with his status as the constant supporting character in other people’s lives is alarmed and annoyed to be the focus of this particular adventure.

30 to 50 Feral Hogs

Feral Hogs Cover

Dayna Ingram

Parker Eriksen has 99 problems, and feral hogs are 30-50 of them.

When the disgraced 30-yr-old MMA fighter fled to the small mountain town of Hekla Lake, she intended only to bury her past. Maybe beat herself up a little for the damage she’d done, and start over, fresh as an embalmed corpse. After falling in with the local pub fights to earn a few bucks, Parker learns about her new town’s feral hog epidemic—and decides to make some room in her grave. 

But the hogs aren’t the only ones scratching for a space in Parker’s self-made coffin. Sylvie Cahwee, park ranger and erstwhile drinking buddy, is slowly splintering Parker’s resolve to seek perdition in solitude (and punching). Add a freak snowstorm that isolates Hekla Lake atop Sylvie’s unfettered advances, and you got yourself a recipe for sexual tension that even Parker’s well-honed muscles can’t break. 

But the snowstorm brings with it a pointed attack by the feral hog horde—and they’re taking hostages. This pack is cooking up something more nefarious than chaotic ecological ruin in the shuttered mines below Hekla Lake, and it’s up to Parker to stop them before they start plating. 

Can Parker stop beating herself up long enough to save Hekla Lake? Does she even want to? It’s mighty cozy—and uncomplicated—six feet under. But resting in peace is easier said than done, with 30 to 50 feral hogs threatening to root her out. Time for Parker to tape up her knuckles, swallow her self-hatred—and come out swinging! 

Cover and illustrations by the legendary Tom Bagley!

(The Seventh Terrace, August 7th, 2023)

Fall 2023

Solstice in Purgatory

Curated by Sarah L. Pratt, Robert Bose & Rebecca Piazza

The dark half of the year is a time of celebration at Purgatory Towers. Our twinkling lights go up the day after Canadian Thanksgiving (in accordance with Tenant’s Association bylaws) and don’t come down until that fucking rabbit (you know the one) chews through the wires on his deranged egg laying rampage. The holy days in between have their secrets, rituals, traditions, and myths.

(The Seventh Terrace, fall 2023)