By Sarah L. Johnson

Infractus Cover

A baby, abandoned with nothing but a voice in his head. A nameless runaway, roaming the streets of Vancouver. A mouse, under the wing of a charismatic grifter. Not an ideal childhood, but he gets by following a few basic rules, until a terrorist plot destroys the global supply chain and society bleeds into anarchy. For the mouse to survive, his rules have to change.

From the chaos, Panopticon rises, a regime exercising control through surveillance, and the occasional act of erasure. The mouse – now a man – becomes their invisible assassin. It’s a dirty job, but for a nameless misanthrope with a terrible voice in his head it’s about perfect – until he’s nearly decapitated by a strange woman with an even stranger prophecy. He’s offered a choice: help destroy Panopticon, or take a seat for Armageddon.

The assassin reluctantly joins the misfit crew of saviours, while the voice in his head bides its time, armed with a secret: an ancient name that will invite a reckoning in a subversive exploration of identity, complicity, and destiny in a world where all the rules are broken.

“…smart, sassy characters and a highly creative plot… language that ratchets the story above and beyond ordinary post-apocalyptic literature; there were passages where the writing left me breathless.” – Nancy Kilpatrick, author of Revenge of the Vampir King

The Seventh Terrace – Post Apocalyptic – 400 Pages – Cover by TST
[Second Edition 2021 – Originally published in 2017 by Coffin Hop Press]

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