Terrace V: Penitent’s Gold

Purgatorio #5
Curated by Sarah L. Pratt and Robert Bose
Penitents Gold
Cover design: Aaron Bilawchuk

Welcome to the Fifth Terrace in the famed Purgatorio, where you will atone for your incorrigible greed with your fellow Penitents, languishing in sight of gold forever out of reach.

In this collection of dark needful tales, an unusual door grants riches for an unexpected price, bikini clad thieves make the score of a lifetime at ravenous cost, an expensive mistress gets what’s coming to her, it’s all fun and games until the Hare kills the Hound, a family bound rock star longs for life he once led, memories are worth a terrible price, and a pair of grifters plunder a haunted gold mine.

You can never be too rich, and Chris Marrs, Taija Morgan, Chris Patrick Carolan, Lindsay Thomas, Shane Kroetsch, Sarah L. Pratt and Robert Bose will tantalize you with promises of wealth beyond the nightmares and poetry of Avarice.

Featuring stories and art by:

“Terrace V: Penitent’s Gold is a golden goose of wicked, timely, and (literally) skin-crawling tales. Nothing blinds us quite like greed, and this bevy of wildly talented and wholly original voices remind us of the hidden costs buried deep within anything we may desire. A price paid with an altogether different kind of currency, each greedily-spun story poses the only question that should ever count: Can you afford it?” – P.J. Vernon, author of Bath Haus and When You Find Me

Where books are sold – November 7th, 2022

The Seventh Terrace – Horror and Darkness – 280 Pages – Cover design and Graphics: Aaron Bilawchuck

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