The Black City Beneath

By R. Overwater

The Black City Beneath Full

In the final days of steam and airships, a mysterious woman is eliminating the world’s great scientific minds using unrecognizable technology. A salvage diver from a notorious family is nearly killed when he discovers a scuttled Russian submarine fabricated from an unidentified black material. And a whiskey-soaked engineer narrowly survives an attack on Britain’s most luxurious civilian airship.

Flying under the radar of military authority, the diver and engineer must follow the woman’s electric trail of espionage into the wasteland of a parallel world, to prevent the destruction of their own.

“The Black City Beneath” is filled with engaging–and sometimes terrifying–characters and pulse pounding action. Drawing strongly on both steampunk and science fiction tropes, R. Overwater produces an original, thoughtful, and highly entertaining tale.” ~ Hayden Trenholm – Aurora Award winning author, editor and publisher

Tiny Sledgehammer Steampunk 239 Pages Cover by Greg Chomichuk

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