The Walking Son

By Eddie Generous

The Walking Son

Stephen Barber has done, in hindsight, something very foolish. Investing his life savings, heirloom book collection, and all the blood, sweat, and tears he could wring out into an apartment complex development. Taking on financial partners was supposed to lessen the risk, but when a worksite accident leads to a dead hitchhiker with a pocket full of strange coins, those same partners draw him into an ill-advised cover up and soon find themselves in the grip of a travelling curse born of old, deep wounds.

Now Stephen is changing, transforming. He’s seen what happened to his partners and knows the clock is counting down. The future he risked everything for is swept away as he embarks on a road trip to uncover the history of the hitchhiker, and reverse his terrifying metamorphosis before time runs out.

“The Walking Son’ is an enthralling, intriguing blend of mystery, suspense, a deadly curse, and ghostly witchery. I defy you to put it down before you have devoured every last delicious morsel.” – Catherine Cavendish, author of ‘In Darkness, Shadows Breathe

“The Walking Son by Eddie Generous evokes Stephen King’s Thinner as a dead man’s curse sends a desperate couple on a terrifying road trip deep into the heart of the haunted American South. Dark and unsettling…a page-turner all the way through to its bitter, if hopeful, end.” – Blu Gilliand, Cemetery Dance

The Seventh Terrace – Supernatural Horror – 184 Pages – Cover by Konn Lavery

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