Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy

By Hailey Piper

Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy

Love twisted into horrific shapes, nightmares driven by cruel music, and a world where what little light remains fractures the sky into midnight rainbows in eighteen stories tracing the dark veins of queer horror, isolation, and the monstrous feminine.

The universe unwinds to the tune of a malicious ice cream truck jingle in “We All Scream”. “The Law of Conservation of Death” dictates that a ghost pursue his prey across her every reincarnation. Superstitions thrive even in the distant future and across the stars when a colony shuttle mounts a witch trial in “Hairy Jack”. And try to “Forgive the Adoring Beast” as it scavenges a world of dead gods for tokens of bloody affection.

Including two new short stories and a never-before-published novelette, Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy digs deep inside and clings to the beating nightmare heart you always knew was there.

We are so pleased to announce that the novella “Recitation of the First Feeding” has made the The 2021 Bram Stoker Awards® Final Ballot in the Superior Achievement in Long Fiction and has co-won Best Collection at the Ladies of Horror Fiction Awards 2022.

“In Unfortunate Elements of My Anatomy, Hailey Piper masterfully crafts a resolutely modern gothic, unearthing the rotten, the broken and the strangely beautiful. Piper wields incisive prose with empathy and deep intuition, carefully dissecting the monstrous bodies herein and spilling their stories onto the page. A compelling and essential collection.” – Laura Mauro, British Fantasy Award-winning author of Sing Your Sadness Deep

The Seventh Terrace – Queer Horror Collection – 260 Pages – Cover by Janice Blaine

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